Basics of Technical Indicator

Technical analysis is one of the ways to predict the stock market. As it’s vast and can’t be taught all at once, so I will share a few commonly used indicators. Remember, One indicator alone can’t function/applied to understand the fluctuation in the market. It’s advisable to use 2-3 technical-indicators together to cross-verify the future […]

5 Things you should never gift your dad!

This has been another year when I’m not with my father on this fathers day! I miss those celebrations. Late night dinner, family gatherings, and all those precious memories ♥ . I’ve thought over the past few days what to gift to my father. I’ve rather been asking others to get ideas. It’s very rare that […]

कोरोना – एक दाहक सत्य

“कोरोना” अवघ्या जगाला परिचित झालेला हे नाव कुठला महत्कार्य करणाऱ्या आसामी चे नसून जगभरात थैमान घालत असलेल्या  विषाणूचे आहे. मूर्ती लहान पण व्याप्ती महान, अमेरिकेतील वॉशिंग्टन च्या व्हाईट हाऊस पासून ते जपान च्या टोकियो पर्यंत, आफ्रिकेतील घाना पासून जर्मनी च्या फ्रँकलिन पर्यंत. इटलीच्या रोम पासून इराण च्या तेहरान पर्यंत आणि  चीन च्या बीजिंग पासून आपल्या पुण्या मुंबईपर्यँत हैदोस […]

Maratha’s of Thanjavur

Most of the people in  Maharashtra do not know about Thanjavur. If you want to be proud of being Marathi and Maharashtrian, then this is the city you should definitely visit. Maratha history is not complete without Thanjavur. Thanjavur situated in the delta of the Cauvery river known for its Arts, Literature, a Prosperous Agriculture […]

Three types of Analysis – Trade Market

Three types of Analysis acknowledge in the trade market Online Trading, irrespective of market i.e. currency, stock, has 3 basic analyses which are mandatory to analyse the market. While trading, they help to develop ideas to trade the market. Those are: Technical AnalysisFundamental AnalysisSentimental Analysis There has always been a debate/confusion about which analysis helps […]

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